The simple ‘Pick a Zone to Pick’ rule worked (spectacularly) well for the bulk cleanup, but in order to keep the Lang Whang as pristine as it is now, a couple more elements for ‘maintenance & monitoring’ are required

By regularly picking new litter in previously cleared zones, we also record what we’re picking up through a simple process:

  1. Take a photo of each piece of litter in the zone
  2. Using a zone-specific QR Code, email the pictures to the Lang Whang Wombles website

We then classify the litter according to the Zero Waste Scotland guidelines and enter the data into a spreadsheet, from which we’ll generate reports on the website.

This does a couple of things – (a) provides a small incentive to regularly pick in order to keep the zones clear of litter without falling into a pit of despair, and (b) provides us with hard data which we can use to get funding and attention for enforcement in the future.

The Womble Litter Monitoring Device

A phone tripod mount is superglued to a Litter Picker….
…Allowing for one-handed operation of the Picker and the Camera