April-May 2020 Clean Up

In April and May of 2020 ā€“ in the midst of the first great COVID-19 lockdown ā€“ a group of 30 residents and cyclists banded together to remove over 270 bags of litter, dozens of tires, accident debris and fly-tipped furniture. Working together (and yet separately) we cleared over six miles of rubbish all the way from Balerno to beyond Auchinoon Brae, and along the B7031 up to Kirknewton. Decades of neglect were rolled back in just six weeks. We know we can achieve the impossible if we work together.

How the Initiative was Organised

We divided up the road into one-fifth of a mile (about 300m or 1,000 feet) ‘Zones’, and put up zone markers along the road. These served both to organize and coordinate our picking efforts, and also to advertise what we were doing, and how to get involved.

Testimonials & Results

April-May 2020 Bag Counts

Results from the initial clearance project. Bag counts do not include non-bagged rubbish such as car parts, tires, and other fly-tipped and bulky waste.
0A70 EastMason/Laing3CompleteCyclist/User
0A70 WestMason/Laing3CompleteCyclist/User
1AA70 EastDodsworth7CompleteResident
1AA70 WestMorrice9CompleteResident
1BA70 EastDodsworth9CompleteResident
1BA70 WestMorrice/Dodsworth8CompleteResident
2AA70 EastMason/Laing11CompleteCyclist/User
2AA70 WestMason/Laing11CompleteCyclist/User
2BA70 EastOsborn/Mason/Laing10CompleteCyclist/User
2BA70 WestMason/Laing9CompleteCyclist/User
3A70 EastHeavisides1CompleteResident
3A70 WestHeavisides3CompleteResident
4A70 EastHeavisides2CompleteResident
4A70 WestHeavisides2CompleteResident
5A70 EastDalgarno1CompleteResident
5A70 WestDalgarno2CompleteResident
7A70 EastDalgarno2CompleteResident
7A70 WestDalgarno3CompleteResident
8A70 EastFlynn2CompleteCyclist/User
8A70 WestFlynn2CompleteCyclist/User
9A70 EastFlynn2CompleteCyclist/User
9A70 WestFlynn2CompleteCyclist/User
10A70 EastPark2CompleteCyclist/User
10A70 WestPark6CompleteCyclist/User
11A70 EastPark4CompleteCyclist/User
11A70 WestPark3CompleteCyclist/User
12A70 EastEkin/Leithhead7CompleteResident
12A70 WestEkin/Leithhead7CompleteResident
13A70 EastEkin/Leithhead22CompleteResident
13A70 WestEkin/Leithhead6CompleteResident
14A70 EastEkin4CompleteResident
14A70 WestEkin3CompleteResident
15A70 EastEkin4CompleteResident
15A70 WestEkin3CompleteResident
16A70 EastGemmell2CompleteCyclist/User
16A70 WestGemmell2CompleteCyclist/User
17A70 EastGemmell2CompleteCyclist/User
17A70 WestGemmell2CompleteCyclist/User
18A70 EastEkin/Leithhead2CompleteResident
18A70 WestEkin/Leithhead2CompleteResident
19A70 EastOsborn2CompleteResident
19A70 WestOsborn1CompleteResident
20A70 EastOsborn4CompleteResident
20A70 WestOsborn6CompleteResident
21A70 EastOsborn5CompleteResident
21A70 WestOsborn7CompleteResident
22A70 EastOsborn5CompleteResident
22A70 WestOsborn6CompleteResident
23A70 EastOsborn6CompleteResident
23A70 WestOsborn5CompleteResident
24A70 East
24A70 WestOsborn8CompleteResident
25A70 East
25A70 West
26A70 EastHancock5CompleteResident
26A70 WestHancock4CompleteResident
26AA70 EastSally2CompleteResident
26AA70 WestSally2CompleteResident
27B7031 NorthOsborn/Buchan14CompleteResident
27B7031 SouthBuchan3CompleteResident
28B7031 NorthBuchan2CompleteResident
28B7031 SouthBuchan2CompleteResident
29B7031 NorthBuchanIn ProgressResident
29B7031 SouthBuchanIn ProgressResident
30B7031 NorthBuchanIn ProgressResident
30B7031 SouthBuchanIn ProgressResident
31B7031 NorthBuchanIn ProgressResident
31B7031 SouthBuchanIn ProgressResident
32B7031 NorthIn ProgressResident
32B7031 SouthIn ProgressResident
33B7031 NorthIn ProgressResident
33B7031 SouthIn ProgressResident
270 Bags76% Complete

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