About Us

This is the Data and Analytics site for the A70 Litter Pickers.

The A70 follows the old Lang Whang route that wends its way through the Pentland Hills on its way to Lanark and on to the Western coast at Ayr. Everyone who lives, works, and plays along this wonderful road plays a part in our movement, whether they are aware of it or not. We’re not really litter pickers, we’re litter preventers. Our purpose is not to pick litter, but to stop litter in the first place.

In April and May of 2020 – in the midst of the first great COVID-19 lockdown – a group of 30 residents and cyclists banded together to remove over 270 bags of litter, dozens of tires, accident debris and fly-tipped furniture. Working together (and yet separately) we cleared over five miles of rubbish all the way from Balerno to Auchinoon Brae, and along the B7031 up to Kirknewton. Decades of neglect were rolled back in just six weeks. We know we can achieve the impossible if we work together.

Clearing the accumulated litter, however, was just a first step. No one wanted to be back here in a year’s time picking up yet more litter from yet more thoughtless motorists, cyclists, and walkers. The next step was ‘Maintain and Monitor’.

  1. Keeping the road looking its best by periodically picking up new litter as it was dropped
  2. Keeping a record of new litter so we could direct preventative and enforcement efforts in the most effective place.

This is our ongoing project….